" Chiunque e` pazzo puo` chiedere l'esenzione dalle missioni suicide, ma, chiunque chiede l'esenzione dalle missioni suicide non e` pazzo"
Questa serie di bozzetti e` nata a partire da questa piccola frase che, a distanza di parecchi anni, ancora mi ricordo dal fumetto " Sturmtruppen " di Bonvi ( a quel tempo non sapevo ne del romanzo di Joseph Heller ne del film di Mike Nichols da cui e` stato tratto )
Non che fossi un gran fan dei suoi fumetti, comunque alcune cose mi facevano impazzire...questa frase in particolare mi e` rimasta incastrata nel cervello!
"who is insane can ask to be exempted from the Kamikaze mission, however who ask be exempeted it is not insane."
This sketces's serie was inspireted by this senteces read many years ago in a italian comic called "Sturmtruppen" by Bonvi ( check "his" web site above please) rather that the novel by Joseph Heller or the Mike Nichols's movie.
Actually I was not particulary fond of this comic but anyway it's still trap in my brain.
The sketches are a sequense of steps were the man traped in a straitjacket found in some how a way to set free him self gained more powerand energy during the process by the freedom it self rather then anger, frustration or some other bad feelings.
I guess he just realized what was traped him and in do it so, he quitely just start to free his hands.
...........he soon found out it wasn't enought so he menages to free the arms untill the elbows.............
........... but still a small different....he couldn't drink or smoke or eat by himself......
Yep! when it set free from the shoulders it doesn't matter anymore, he doesn't care anymore of the straitjacket...actually could be even useful now!

actually I still don't understand myself what is the connection between the "catch" and my sketches thought just for the non sense feeeling in it.
Anyway I wanted just to pointing out how,sometimes, we can turn rigth a situation which have kept us jammed and trapped .... should be just a snatch in the brain something that sundetly we comes to realized maybe after a long undergoing process.......

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